Arab League agrees with Kerry on Assad chemical weapons use – but not military action

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Arab League nations agreed that Syria’s President Bashar Assad had used chemical weapons Sunday and that it crossed an internationally recognized red line, but none have publicly endorsed the U.S. proposal for punitive air strikes against the Assad regime.

Secretary of State John Kerry said that Saudi Arabia has backed airstrikes, but the Saudis have stopped short of saying that publicly.

He told told reporters in Paris that all members of the regional bloc had indicated they would add their names to a G-20 statement – already signed by 12 countries – that calls for a strong international response to the Aug. 21 poison gas attack near Damascus, but not military action.

fter a weekend of lobbying European and Arab partners, only France has publicly called for airstrikes.

“The president, and all of us, are listening carefully to all of our friends,” Kerry said. “No decision has been made by the president.”

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