Obama faces showdown with Putin at G-20 summit over Syria

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from USAToday,

President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin exchanged a tense handshake Thursday to open a summit of the Group of 20 countries — a meeting meant to focus on economic issues but overshadowed by the crisis in Syria.

The meeting came a day after Putin accused Secretary of State John Kerry of lying to Congress as he presented the administration’s case for an attack to punish Syria for using chemical weapons. Obama and Putin exchanged formal greetings in front of cameras in St. Petersburg at the start of the two-day meeting.

At home, members of Congress were divided about whether to approve a resolution authorizing a U.S. strike on Syria. Senators got a closed-door briefing at the Capitol and were shown gruesome video of dozens of people apparently killed by nerve gas — a presentation that one senator described as CIA meets CSI.

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