“Let Allah sort it out”

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from The Gray Area:

The left is stumbling all over themselves feigning political correctness horror and using one of their favorite whipping boys (girls), Sarah Palin. In the article below, Sarah Palin’s offensive remarks about Syria, Dean Obeidallah rattles on with sophomoric shots at Sarah Palin for her supposedly insensitive comments about Syria. Syria is a serious subject and one that requires serious contemplation of fact and truth. Political correctness by definition subdues the truth, making conversation about true facts or opinions on an issue too shocking to even discuss. As a result, we only discuss those facts/opinions that the politically correct elites (read newspeople, celebrities, leftist politicians and talking heads, and the like) think are appropriate for conversation.

Take Sarah Palin’s comment, “Let Allah sort it out”, made via Facebook last week. Anyone not blinded by hatred of Sarah Palin or wanting to take a shot at the right, can easily see she is stating in a very effective manner what many are saying from both political perspectives, “leave the fight to Syria” unless we can find a reason that affects the United States interests or that of our allies. That is the appropriate and serious debate point. But Mr. Obeidallah would rather ignore the real true point for biting, hateful and sarcastic slams at Ms Palin. Anything close to this about Hillary Clinton and President Obama would be decried as more hate speech from the right. But when leftist columnists do it under the veil of political correctness, it becomes acceptable language.

Here are a few snippets from the article:

– “she appears to speak some Arabic”

“I think deep down she wanted to show off her language skills.”

“Why? Because I think deep down she loves the language. And I bet Palin knows even more Arabic words such as humus, falafel and possibly babaganoush.”

“Now, there is a possibility that Palin believes that Muslims worship a different God than Christians and Jews.”

“So what’s the genesis of Palin’s statement, “Let Allah Sort them out”?”

“Well, it appears to be based on the infamous phrase: “Kill them all, let God sort them out.” This term reportedly comes from the time of the Crusades. You know, those “holy wars” waged by Christians that Sarah might refer to in her Arabic as a “jihad.””

And there are many more gens like this in the article, but you get the gist. Not at all addressing the point, just dressing down Sarah Palin. See how it is okay, if you are on the leftist team, for Dean Obeidallah to be insensitive and mean to Sarah Pain, but she can’t be a little creative when making her point.

So if you can stomach the hatefulness and ignorance, read the entire article for yourself below.

from CNN, by Dean Obeidallah,