School bus fight: Three black teens attack white, bus driver doesn’t intervene

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According to a UPI and various other media reports on Tuesday, John Moody, 64, a former school bus driver, was not charged for not having tried to stop a physical fight on his school bus in Florida’s Pinellas County. Beyond the controversy about how much physical interaction a bus driver should engage in to break up a fight, there is equal controversy as to why the race of the boys has been ignored by the vast majority of the media accounts concerning this horrendous story.

Three black 15-year-old boys severely assaulted a 13-year-old white boy – allegedly because the white boy had told school authorities that one of the black boys tried to sell him drugs. The fight resulted in the victim having a broken arm and two black eyes.

According to the bus driver, he believes he could have put students in danger if he tried to stop the teens from being the boy on July 9 when the fight occurred. The story went viral when a video of the school bus fight was released and posted online.

Last week, prosecutors said that the bus driver would not face charges because he did what was required of a person in his position by having called for help on his radio. Additionally, he yelled at the boys.

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