Gov. LePage, the Mouth of Maine

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from CNN,

The latest report of an abusive outburst from petulant Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage is just the most recent in a continuous stream of invective dating back to his 2010 campaign and the beginning of his term in 2011.

LePage’s language has been described in various euphemistic ways — colorful, blunt, direct, plainspoken — but no matter how it is sugar-coated, LePage’s language is the offensive frothing of an abusive, tantrum-throwing bully.

During the campaign in 2010, LePage said President Barack Obama could “go to hell.”

Now, a local newspaper reported that LePage told a fundraiser audience that Obama “hates white people”.

LePage defends himself against accusations of blatant racism by saying his son is black — referring to a young Jamaican man who came to live with his family as a teen. That also was the excuse for the excuse LePage hid behind when he told the NAACP to “kiss my butt” after he was criticized for not attending his first Martin Luther King Day celebration. He vowed not to kowtow to “special interests” — the NAACP — because he is governor of “all the people.”

LePage hired an out-of-state sign maker to produce and erect a message at the Maine border with New Hampshire that “Maine is open for business.”

He has attacked Maine Democrats, infamously and crudely saying that one state legislative leader was the first to stick it to the people of Maine without using Vaseline.

Local journalists have been a favorite and consistent target of LePage’s mean-spirited retaliation, as well. He has said he wanted to punch a veteran reporter for Maine Public Broadcasting and has stormed out of at least one news conference and a legislative session.

When journalists questioned his wife’s residency in Florida, thus qualifying their daughter, whom LePage hired fresh out of college for his staff despite rumblings of nepotism, for in-state tuition at Florida State, he threw a fit and rampaged out of the interview.

At the national level, LePage has been the butt of the “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” jokes. He is an embarrassment to the people of Maine and has made the state a laughingstock.

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