Kerry: Evidence of chemical weapons strike in Syria ‘undeniable’

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from FoxNews,

Secretary of State John Kerry, leaving no doubt where the U.S. stands on allegations of a chemical weapons attack last week in Syria, said Monday that the evidence of such an attack is “undeniable.”

“What is before us today is real, and it is compelling,” Kerry said.

The secretary of State addressed the allegations from State Department headquarters. He pointed a finger squarely at the Assad regime, sharply questioning any suggestion that the weapons could have been deployed by the opposition, or that the attack could have been staged. He called the strike a “moral obscenity” and accused the Syrian government of trying to destroy the evidence.

Shortly afterward, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney echoed the remarks, saying the evidence of an attack is “undeniable” and there’s “very little doubt” that the Assad government was behind it. Carney said it is now “profoundly” in the interest of the U.S. and international community to respond.

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