The Battle for Egypt

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from The Freedom Center,

The endgame is occurring in Egypt, and although the outcome is critical to America’s interests abroad and our close ally Israel, Barack Obama has us sitting on the sidelines, merely watching as the Middle East begins to melt down.

Egypt has been America’s ally for three decades – one of just a few in this volatile region – but the moment President Hosni Mubarak first came under attack during the “Arab Spring” two years ago, President Obama caved and threw the nation to the wolves. Worse, he supported the Muslim Brotherhood when they came to power and stood by Mohammed Morsi as his regime mowed down liberal reforms, consolidating Islamist rule. When the Egyptian people took to the streets to overthrow Morsi’s authoritative government, Obama offered no help, just as he failed to help the people of Iran’s Green Revolution when they tried to thrown Islamist rule. And now he distances America from the Egyptian military, which has rescued its country from a dictatorship to be.

Over the past few weeks, the Muslim Brotherhood has showed its true colors, waging a war of religious extermination against Egypt’s Christians under the guise of protesting the “coup.” Since the Brotherhood was headed toward abrogating the historic treaty between Egypt and Israel – which has guaranteed cold peace between the two states for the last 35 years – when it was still in power, there no doubt its ultimate goal is to destroy the Jewish State.

The stakes could not be higher. If the Egyptian military fails to restore civil order and allow an appointed civilian government eventually to assume a prominent political role, the consequences will be dire…for Israel and for America. Yet President Obama and his radical administration seem content to ignore the situation and enable Egypt to become a full fledged Islamist state that punishes its internal and external enemies with a bloodletting that will make the recent casualties of disorder seem minor by comparison.

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