County Employees Make More than the Residents They Serve

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from NCPA,

Nine out of 10 of the highest-paying county governments in the United States are in California (the other is a wealthy New York suburb with an exceptionally high cost of living), according to a Washington Examiner analysis of county employee compensation data.

When it comes to city governments, the nine highest payers are also all in the Golden State, including Oakland, at $99,000. The average government worker in Fremont makes $108,000; in San Jose, it’s $100,000; in Los Angeles, it’s $93,000.

While working for California local governments can mean high salaries and extraordinarily generous pensions, the Examiner found that county workers made more than their private-sector counterparts virtually everywhere on the East Coast, the West Coast and the Rust Belt. Government workers can make up to twice as much!

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