Purple No More

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from CNN,

North Carolina Republicans push through a host of deep red measures.

Four years ago, liberals thought that North Carolina was in transition, a red state slowly turning blue in President Obama’s “new America.” But Obama lost the state in 2012 to Mitt Romney. And this year, in a single legislative session, the Tar Heel State left no doubt about its new tilt to the right.

Since February, the governor has signed nearly 300 bills from the Republican-controlled legislature into law that have, among other things, blocked an expansion of Medicaid enabled by Obama’s Affordable Care Act, reduced access to federal unemployment benefits, cut the corporate tax rate, trimmed public-education funding, allowed concealed weapons in bars and restaurants, proposed a ban on Islamic Shari’a, enacted voter-identification laws and restricted access to abortion.

“We’ve had more reform in this state government in the past six months than we’ve seen in the past 30 years,” said Governor Pat McCrory, the first Republican to hold the office in two decades.

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