Union Thugs: “Are we gonnna kill em or what?”

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from NCPA,

Windy City Firebombing points to need for Hobbs Act restoration.

This spring, a spate of threats and violence including a truck firebombing, against employees of a wholesale grocer in Chicago, their property and company property, underscored how difficult it typically is to bring justice to Big Labor bosses who resort to extortionate tactics to achieve union objectives.

Early last month, an employee of the Windy City’s South Water Market filed a federal charge with the NLRB against local 703 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) union.

The worker declared under oath that in April union militants had begun threatening him, his family and his property. Teamster bosses and their militant followers are angry becasue workeers are not union members and are exercising their right to continue to work despite a union ordered strike.

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