Conservatism does not equal racism!

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from The Lincoln Institute,

Liberals want black Americans to believe conservatism equals racism.

And they will go after any black American who doesn’t toe the liberal line.

The left’s attacks on Dr. Ben Carson are an excellent example.

Dr. Carson should be held up as a tremendous example for all Americans, but especially for young black Americans.

Raised by a determined single mother on the “wrong side of the tracks in Detroit, Dr. Carson overcame severe poverty and difficulty in school to eventually become a world-renowned neurosurgeon (brain surgeon).

But then Dr Carson made some criticisms of Obamacare at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, with President Obama sitting on the dais.

The professional left — especially from the liberal black community — went all out to discredit Dr. Carson.

There is no freedom of speech for African-American conservatives in America.

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