Realize what’s been happening & go from confused and miserable, to fulfilled & happy

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from The Gray Area:

This is an extremely enlightening interview! It covers, marriage & the family, religion, classic liberalism, progressive liberalism, conservatism, woke cultural Marxism, neo-Marxism, and more. It cuts through the political narratives of our day on all of this and brings it back to a central & refreshing theme.

If you have an hour, listen to this. If you don’t, find one! Do it when you exercise, on a walk, driving to work, but do it whenever you can find an hour. You will be glad you did.

The radical shift in 2020 from classical liberalism to woke neo-Marxist ideologies like transgenderism and intersectionality is making people confused and miserable. Yoram Hazony, President of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem, tells us that parents must reclaim their role in teaching children, how cultural revolution movements are reshaping America, and why reconnecting with community and family is essential to counteract this trend. Discover how to live a more fulfilling life by preserving enduring values in this thought-provoking conversation.

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