Headlines are changing

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from The Gray Area:

Beginning with July 4th holiday, things are changing within the Biden campaign. You can see it in headlines, particularly on the left. Here are a few from yesterday and today:

From The Washington Post (subscription required):

More From CNN:

More From AP:

One quote from a Washington Post article, They know we can see Joe Biden, right?, demonstrates the political and media gaslighting that surrounds President Biden and his condition:

  • The Biden campaign has now had almost a full week to process the president’s debate performance and the resulting panic within the Democratic Party, and his advisers have settled on a strategy.

The message is: Whatever you thought you saw, you didn’t actually see it. Stop quivering like a bunch of nervous guinea pigs and get out of our way.

A perception on the left was seen in the Washington Post article: A shift in how Democrats talk about Biden’s dropping out. It’s subtle, but it’s unmistakable. While the Biden campaign says this isn’t on the table, big-name Democrats suggest it should be.

On the right, some basic intel as emerged:

From Daily Signal

Chip Roy calls for Kamala Harris to immediately invoke 25th amendment

This intel seems to indicate what we can expect:

  • Biden will drop out
  • 25th amendment may have to be invoked, if they blame cognitive ability for him dropping out of 2024 race
  • VP Kamala Harris may be a candidate for President, AND the incumbent the remainder of 2024
  • an open Dem convention is August, unless commandeered by Obama, as in 2020, should be expected.
  • all this may provide for more, or less rioting at the Chicago convention (a la 1968)

If there’s a lesson to be learned with all this shift among the Democrats & the media it is these two things:

  1. The media will absolutely spin the most absurd narratives to ensure the Left remains in power.
  2. The media will now begin to say, we did not gaslight you.  The President was doing fine as we reported. But, now we realize his aging is accelerating and his issues are more common.

Historic 2024 campaign continues to surprise and frighten.