Back to School: The Struggle for Inclusive Education

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from WordOnFire,

t’s August, and as much as some of us dread the thought, summer is coming to an end. Many students across the country are already back in school, and summer vacations are a happy but fading memory.

The beginning of the school year is an increasing source of anxiety for many. People of faith who can’t afford or who don’t have access to a faithful Catholic school may be wondering what new conflicts the year will bring. The progressive demise of government schools in the United States is often in the news, and parents are increasingly aware that finding alternatives to those schools is critical to the education—and perhaps especially to the psychological and spiritual welfare—of their children.

From controversies over biological sex and gender that raise disturbing questions regarding who gets to use which bathroom, to woke perspectives on American history, many, if not most, of our government schools are working to replace parental values and traditional virtues, like replacing patriotism with Marxist-fueled, disruptive pedagogies driven by a subversive agenda. Parents are losing control of their children’s education. They are even being shut out of critically important issues, such as their child questioning their sexual orientation or “gender identity.”

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