Storms and Patterns

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from Maudlin Economics,

Neil Howe’s new book about the Fourth Turning and George Friedman’s book The Storm Before the Calm … both point to a severe crisis later this decade or in the early 2030s. Later in this series we’ll look at Peter Turchin’s work that has the same conclusion, yet from a radically different perspective. When all these thoughtful people independently send the same kind of warning signal from different disciplines, I think we should be paying a great deal of attention. And planning for our own individual/family/company and even national responses. These events are unfolding rapidly, and the pace will only quicken as the crisis approaches.

George thinks the US is as wealthy and powerful as we are because we have these crises. Periodically we remove incompetent leaders and flush out the system, which lets us start over. And every time we start over it’s from a higher base.

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