Why Trump and his co-conspirators think Clarence Thomas will be in their corner

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from MSNBC,

There are anti-democratic forces at work in America, but many Americans may not realize the extent of the danger. After all, democracy does not just happen. It needs to be carefully guarded and nurtured in order to survive.

In short, our democracy is in crisis.

Because it isn’t just the actions of candidates and elected officials that are putting our democracy in peril. Even our most sacrosanct institutions — bodies that are supposed to be above the political fray — are being called into question.

Vice President Kamala Harris sounded the alarm against these attacks on democracy in an exclusive MSNBC interview with Reverend Al Sharpton, saying, “I think everything is at stake right now. When a democracy is intact, it strengthens the people. It protects and fights for fundamental freedoms, individual rights.

But Trump still has one possible Hail Mary remaining. He could try to somehow kick the case up to the Supreme Court, where the conservative majority could rescue him. That Supreme Court was one of the last, desperate plans for Trump’s 2020 coup. And there is at least one very conservative justice who one of Trump’s co-conspirators thought would be particularly inclined to help out: Clarence Thomas.

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