Principles necessary for potential Ukraine Aid Package

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from Breitbart,

One of the issues top of mind for many Americans is inflation. Inflation is when it costs more money to buy the same amount of goods and services.

Inflation is driven by too much government spending. And yet, President Biden last week asked Congress to spend even more money. He put forward a proposal to spend more than $24 billion in additional Ukraine funding. This would be outside the current, regular appropriations process.

The Biden administration has continuously failed to answer basic questions about the United States’ commitment, strategy, and path to victory in Ukraine. In Congress, Senate Democrats have repeatedly blocked efforts to implement meaningful accountability and oversight measures for U.S. funding to Ukraine. Now, despite polls showing a majority of Americans do not support additional U.S. Ukraine funding, the Biden administration expects Congress to ignore the will of the American people and blindly send billions more of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine.

Congress should reject any requests for additional Ukraine funding unless minimum requirements are met.

  1. There must be a public accounting of the $113 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine. There has not been much accounting of the economic aid despite the accounting for military aid.
  2. The aid must be considered on its own, not attached to must-pass legislation.
  3. The administration has to lay out a strategy for Ukraine and how long the American people will be on the “hook” to aid Ukraine.

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