Poll: Republicans Outnumber Democrats, Reversing Decades-Long Trend

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from Washington Free Beacon,

More Americans are Republicans than Democrats, according to multiple Gallup polls this year, upending a trend that has been going on since 1988.

Gallup’s most recent monthly poll, conducted throughout July, found that 27 percent of the country are Republicans, compared with 25 percent who are Democrats. Independents, at 45 percent, outnumber members of either party.

Many of those independents lean Republican, however. When the poll factors in the number of independents who lean Republican, 45 percent of respondents support the GOP, compared with 42 percent of respondents who either are Democrats or independents who lean Democratic.

Republicans have repeatedly outnumbered Democrats this year, the Gallup monthly polls show, reversing Democrats’ longtime dominance in party identification.

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