FALSE HOPE? Biden Gives Truly Awful Response to Reporter Asking the Obvious About His Student Loan ‘Forgiveness’

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from Daily Signal,

If President Joe Biden had any remaining shame, it vanished Friday night. Not only did the president say the Supreme Court misinterpreted the Constitution when it struck down his student loan handout, but he claimed that he never gave any “false hope” when it comes to “forgiving” student debt.

Biden spoke at the White House hours after the court struck down his student loan scheme in Biden v. Nebraska. He announced he will try a new path for student loan forgiveness, using the Higher Education Act of 1965. His most shocking comments came in response to a brave reporter who asked whether he had given borrowers “false hope.”

“I didn’t give any false hope,” the president said. “But the Republicans snatched away the hope they were given, and it’s real—real hope … . I think the court misinterpreted the Constitution.”

Earlier in his remarks, Biden attacked the six Republican attorneys general for suing to block his student loan scheme.

“These Republican officials just couldn’t bear the thought of providing relief for working-class, middle-class Americans,” he said. He condemned as “hypocrisy” Republican votes in favor of the Paycheck Protection Program during the COVID-19 pandemic and votes against his student loan scheme.

Yet Biden, a longtime politician, must have known from the beginning that it was an extreme stretch to argue that the 2003 Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act justified canceling about $430 billion in debt for borrowers across the U.S. He must have known that this scheme would almost certainly never hold up, so it was indeed the falsest of hopes.

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