Mandates Had No Impact on COVID-19 Deaths – Lancet Study

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from Heath Care News,

COVID-19 policy measures had no significant impact on reducing deaths from the virus, researchers report.

A study titled “Assessing COVID-19 pandemic policies and behaviours and their economic and educational trade-offs across US states from Jan 1, 2020, to July 31, 2022: an observational analysis,” was published in The Lancet on March 23.

The authors looked at the impact of a variety of factors on infection and death rates. The researchers considered mask and vaccine mandates for schools and state employees, stay-at-home orders, gathering restrictions, and the closure of gyms, pools, bars, restaurants, schools, colleges, and universities.

“Mandate propensity (a summary measure that captures a state’s use of physical distancing and mask mandates) was associated with a statistically significant and meaningfully large reduction in the cumulative infection rate, but not the cumulative death rate,” write the authors.

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