Bill Gates: The only problem (with Covid response) is that we didn’t lock down fast enough.

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from Heath Care News,

Gates has learned nothing from the last mess he created, and he is completely shameless about it.

In his view, the only problem is that we didn’t lock down fast enough, get vaccines out fast enough, and conduct enough research ahead of time to craft the perfect vaccine. And yes, this necessarily requires gain-of-function research.

In Gates’s view, we need to have research continue to fiddle around in labs with tricks that anticipate pathogens of the future, again raising the risk of lab leaks that then necessitate fixes that can only be produced and distributed by the pharmaceutical companies in which Gates has such heavy investments.

As a result, we have this hellish loop in play: gain-of-function research to anticipate the next pathogen by creating it—thus risking a lab leak that has to be fixed by the vaccines themselves. But the world has to lock down until they can be put into billions of arms.

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