Twitter to Rehire Fired Staff in First Announcement Since WEF-Linked CEO.

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from National Pulse,

he new era of Twitter, spearheaded by the incumbent World Economic Forum-aligned CEO Linda Yaccarino, may reverse reforms instituted by Elon Musk, starting with rehiring dismissed employees.

Musk announced this week that Twitter will attempt to rehire employees it laid off or fired following his take over, arguing in a recent interview with CNBC: “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

“I think we absolutely need to hire people, and, if they’re not too mad at us, probably rehire some of the people who were let go,” Musk added.

When Musk took over Twitter, he slashed staff numbers by up to 90 percent, yet now considers that a mistake, stating, “there’s no question that some of the people who were let go probably shouldn’t have been let go.”

Musk is considering how he can improve the company’s profitability, which is where Yaccarino comes in.

Yaccarino is determined to make Twitter more marketable and “de-risk” the platform by offering advertisers a say in what is suitable on the platform and re-establishing an “Influence Council” for the site.

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