Anderson Cooper Plays Both Sides?

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from The Gray Area:

According to The Washington Post, Anderson Cooper scolds critics of CNN’s town hall with Trump. Not really….

I agree, Mr Cooper did try to play a reasonable journalistic position by advising viewers ‘we all have to understand both sides of the issues’. He said, ‘half the country are good, church going people, who believe and support’ former President Trump. Very true and very good points. I’m glad you made them and apparently made them genuinely.

Then, he said he wouldn’t blame them if they stopped watching CNN altogether as a result of this town hall, while going into an anti-Trump, anti-Conservative tirade including every false political narrative CNN uses.

This majority of his comments were the usual biased and inflammatory opinions that cloud media reporting today and CNN historically. Basically his point was this man is a ‘threat to Democracy’, political narrative, not that his viewers need to listen to him. He said ‘you can discount this man, but people support him’ and it’s frightening. He didn’t say why they support him, that he is for America. That he is for the family. That he is for science (men and women). That he is for education without political bias or political indoctrination. That he is against the tyrants of the world and will put American strength front and center to create peace.

He said he was him a systemic liar and he is dangerous. That is his opinion, not journalism. Why don’t you describe President Biden the same way? He is a serial liar (which you do not list as you do with Trump). During the Trump presidency, who told the most lies, Trump or CNN? CNN! And, with this presentation, Cooper continued that trend.

The real message from Cooper’s rant was this: He knows who his viewers are, far left progressive Democrats. So all the rest of the CNN current & former talking heads, and CNN viewers, stop the charade. You are one side, left wing. The same as you disparage FoxNews for being one side, right wing.

Though, this night, CNN got new viewers, Trump Town Hall Most Watched CNN Candidate Event Since 2020.