Devout Catholics Report ‘Suspicious Activity’ After Biden FBI Memo Warning Of ‘Extremist Behavior’ In Churches

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from TrendingPolitics,

Two parishioners at a Latin Mass Catholic Church have reported “suspicious activity” from what appeared to be FBI vehicles this past February, just a month after the FBI’s Richmond field office submitted a now-rescinded internal memo warning of danger from “radical-traditional Catholics.” The story was first reported by The Daily Signal.

Two witnesses told the outlet that they saw two vehicles approach the church, drive through the parking lot as if they were marking down license plate numbers, then leave. This was reported on two separate occasions at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel in Linden, Virginia, located about 63 miles outside of Washington D.C.

The second witness described a “white Chevrolet Tahoe car, with very tinted windows and “lots of antennas” driving slowly through the parking lot. “Looked like a male. He had an open laptop in the middle of the car, not sure if he was typing, as the window was very dark,” the witness said.

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