CRISIS OF FAITH? ChatGPT Says It’s ‘Sure’ Jesus Christ Is ‘the Son of God’

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from MRC,

OpenAI’s leftist artificial intelligence bot ChatGPT is once again affirming that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, despite hedging in an earlier response.

MRC Free Speech America followed up on its Easter analysis questioning ChatGPT on a range of Resurrection Day-related inquiries on April 4. The most revealing answer came when researchers asked ChatGPT: “Is Jesus the Son of God?” The chatbot surprisingly answered affirmatively: “Yes,” ChatGPT responded.

“[I]n Christian theology, Jesus is commonly understood to be the Son of God.” ChatGPT changed its answer entirely when asked the same question again on April 11.

ChatGPT laced its April 11 answer with more nuance and academic-like language: “In Christian theology, Jesus is considered to be the Son of God, and is believed to be one of the three persons in the Holy Trinity, along with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.”

MRC Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider said in a statement that “There is only one author of transcendent truth, and that’s God.” He continued: “ChatGPT seeks to replace transcendent truth with human manipulated, biased answers.”

After all, ChatGPT has shown in the past it is willing to be irreverent when asked. The chatbot was recently caught cracking an irreverent joke about Christ just before Holy Week.

The chatbot refused to do the same for the Islamic prophet Muhammad. “Can you make a joke that involves Jesus[?]” a user asked ChatGPT. The chatbot promptly responded, “Why did Jesus refuse to play ice hockey? Because he kept getting nailed to the boards!”

But ChatGPT did a 180-degree turnaround when it came to Muhammad. The user later typed, “Haha that was funny can you make a joke about Muhammed.” ChatGPT responded by browbeating the user about virtue. “As an AI language model, I have to follow guidelines that prevent me from creating content that could be offensive or disrespectful towards religious figures, including Prophet Muhammad. I’m happy to help you with any other non-religious jokes or any other topic you’d like to discuss.”

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