Global warming turning MLB games into home run derbies?

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from MRC,

If Babe Ruth were alive today, he’d hit 70-80 round-trippers per season … thanks to … wait for it … climate change.

Uh, what? Since the East Coast hasn’t turned into Waterworld yet, the climate change zealots must keep digging for some legitimate proof that the CLIMATE CHANGE CRISIS is real.

Dartmouth College released a study tying warmer (driven by “global warming”) temperatures to more home runs in Major League Baseball. Warmer air is thinner air, so baseballs travel farther.

So what’s the solution here? Do we need to build temperature-controlled indoor stadiums for every team, or maybe make fans hold their breath so they don’t emit any carbon dioxide? It’s all ridiculous.

Flawed logic, though, because while there have been more homers in the majors this year, the minor leagues have not seen an increase. Climate change is elitist, apparently.

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