Ruling Class Sides With Transgender Shooter Who Murdered 6 At Tennessee Christian School

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from The Federalist,

Prior to the recent Nashville shooting in which a transgender-identifying shooter shot and killed three children and three staff at a small Christian school, the identity-obsessed ruling class jumped to condemn shooters.

When police admitted the shooter’s trans identity motivated her to target her former educational institution, however, the organizations that usually come out of the woodwork to support every other identity group when they are terrorized remained silent.

Instead of speaking out in support of Christians following the attack, the people who run the White House, Congress, state governments, top corporations, and the entertainment industry responded to the tragic deaths by offering solidarity with trans-identifying Americans like the Nashville shooter.

Instead of making the kind of trip Biden offered to other shooting victims and even criminals, the president ended the week by celebrating a “Transgender Day of Visibility.” He told Americans who claim to be transgender that they are “made in the image of God” — despite their best efforts to undo that.

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