Trump’s Terrifically Stupid Return to Twitter

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from The Atlantic,

Two wealthy and self-involved men are seeking the attention they crave.

Like the monster miraculously resuscitated to terrorize the heroes in a horror-movie sequel, Donald Trump is back.

No, I’m not talking about his November 15 announcement of his third campaign for president of the United States. Instead I have in mind something far more important: Twitter.

Twitter was already in disarray. Trump’s return will only make it more chaotic. Asked on Saturday what he thought of Musk purchasing Twitter and his own future on the platform, Trump praised Musk but questioned whether the site would survive its current crises. “They have a lot of problems,” Trump said in Las Vegas at the Republican Jewish Coalition meeting. “You see what’s going on. It may make it, it may not make it.”

Following Musk’s decision, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming suggested on Twitter that “it’s a good time to watch” a public hearing held earlier this year by the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack.

“It covers each of Trump’s tweets that day, including those that have been deleted, and features multiple Trump (White House) staff describing his inexcusable conduct during the violence,” Cheney, a notable Trump critic who serves on the select committee, tweeted Saturday.

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