The U.K.’s New ‘Conservative’ Prime Minister Is Just Another Vessel For Globalism

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from The Federalist,

Sunak is not a conservative champion of national sovereignty and individualism, but a proponent of globalism.

Since the historically short-lived tenure of Liz Truss as prime minister of the United Kingdom (U.K.) came to an abrupt end late last month, the selection of Rishi Sunak as the country’s next political leader has left legacy media aglow with curiosity.

While some outlets like Time Magazine have gone the route of pushing speculative articles asking “Who is Rishi Sunak?” and “What kind of leader will [he] be?” others such as the BBC and The New York Times have published detailed biographies of Sunak’s personal and political life.

Noticeably absent from the media’s coverage of Sunak’s rise to power, however, is the lack of the overplayed “far-right” moniker. While many left-wing news firms went out of their way to label figures such as Italy’s new prime minister as some sort of right-wing fascist, the same cannot be said when it comes to their characterization of Sunak.

So, why the vast difference in coverage? The reason, perhaps, is because Sunak — much like most of the Conservative Party’s members — is not an actual conservative that champions national sovereignty and individualism, but a proponent of the very globalist ideology supported by legacy media that seeks to eradicate such principles.

Since taking over as prime minister last week, Sunak has already begun advancing many policies endorsed by leftists throughout Europe and the United States, namely with respect to energy. One of the first actions he took after being sworn into office was to reinstate a government ban on fracking, a safe and efficient way of extracting oil and natural gas from the earth that was permitted under Truss’s short premiership.

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