President Biden says UK Prime Minister Liz Truss’ tax cut plan was a ‘mistake’

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from FoxNews,

Liz Truss walked back her proposal for a UK tax cut last week.

U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss’ push to cut taxes for her country’s highest earners was a “mistake,” President Biden stated Saturday.

Truss was forced to scrap large portions of her tax plan last week amid market turmoil and disintegrating public confidence. White House officials had hitherto declined to comment on Truss’ policies, but Biden broke his silence while eating ice cream with reporters in Oregon.

“I was not the only one that thought it was a mistake,” Biden said. “I think the idea of cutting taxes on the super-wealthy at a time when — anyway, I disagreed with the policy, but that’s up to Great Britain to make that judgment, not me.”

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