Liz Truss’s government is living hour by hour

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from BBC News,

The Truss programme for government is dead. This is a hand-to-mouth government, living hour by hour.

If you pick up the hint of panic in the air, you’re not the only one. Make that a stench. Anything apparently solid quickly becomes air.

Now, nearly every element of her prospectus has just been shredded by her new chancellor.

The statement that has just been delivered is the second yanking forward of an important economic moment for the country. Originally it was in the diary for November. Then Halloween. Now we’ve had it today.

“We will reverse almost all the tax measures” from the mini-budget, Jeremy Hunt said. What an extraordinary thing to hear.

Diaries are going out of fashion at Westminster but to be clear, there still will be a statement in a fortnight’s time, alongside those numbers about the state of the economy from the Office for Budget Responsibility.

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