Violence is the abortion industry’s tool.

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from 40 Days for Life,

So, it’s not surprising that abortion activists have vandalized and even firebombed dozens of pregnancy centers, churches, and other pro-life organizations since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade…

…but it is shocking that the federal government hasn’t shown any interest in preventing or prosecuting the rampant pro-abortion terrorism.

Last week, an elderly woman distributing pro-life literature was shot in the back. The county prosecutor isn’t sure whether he will file charges.

And 40 Days for Life participants in Philadelphia waited at least 30-40 minutes for law enforcement to respond when an abortion supporter used a six-inch blade to cut up their signs.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration sent a heavily armed contingent of FBI personnel to raid and arrest Philadelphia 40 Days for Life participant Mark Houck for defending his son from a vulgar pro-abortion agitator last year–in a case that had already been dismissed.

But in cities where law enforcement won’t protect 40 Days for Life participants, we will.

40 Days for Life is paying for professional security officers hired by the Philadelphia campaign because the mission of protecting moms and babies from abortion is too important to be bullied off the streets.

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