Hillary Clinton Rips Ron DeSantis For ‘Literal Human Trafficking,’ Says Most Americans Will Help Those in Need

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from Mediaite,

Former Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ripped Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for flying Venezuelan migrants to Martha’s Vineyard this week during a Friday appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

“Let’s talk about the news of the day first and in a place that you know and love very, very much, Martha’s Vineyard,” began host Joe Scarborough.

“And what I’ve been calling political human trafficking, taking advantage of migrants who are already suffering, who are trying to figure out the best way forward, who are fleeing terrible situations, being used as political props to own the libs and being treated horribly and they wind up actually in a place like Martha’s Vineyard. And what happens? The doors of the churches fly open, the doors of the community halls fly open. And the people of Martha’s Vineyard are so grateful to be able to lend a helping hand. What is it? What does that mean for you personally?” Scarborough asked Clinton.

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