Here’s One State That Has The Guts To Burst The Woke Bubble

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from TPPF,

Investing to support social or political causes is as old as investing itself, but what we now know as Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) investing began in the 1960s as socially responsible investing.

In 2005, “Who Cares Wins” stated that “embedding environmental, social and governance factors in capital markets makes good business sense and leads to more sustainable markets and better outcomes for societies.” In 2006, the “Principles for Responsible Investment” were launched at the New York Stock Exchange, and the Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative (SSEI) launched in 2007.

ESG was planted in business and spreads left-wing policies and ideologies outside of the democratic process. They thought their sustainability talking points would carry substantial weight, but then they went up against the state that stands as a bulwark for liberty.

The idea of “boycotting the boycotters” started with legislation in the Texas capitol. If a company wants to boycott an industry vital to Texas’ economy, then Texas would in turn boycott that company. With Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s release of the list of financial institutions that may be boycotted by Texas our leaders have taken the next step to protect all Texans.

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