The West’s Long-Lasting Enemies Cannot Be Cajoled

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from Right & Free,

Revisionist powers, nations whose leaders seek to undermine American leadership in the world, seem to be on the march.

Russia persists with its heavy bombardments in Ukraine.

China is threatening retaliation for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan.

Iran, meanwhile, is showing little interest in Biden administration efforts to reinstate the JCPOA, the nuclear pact signed by the Obama administration in 2015 and from which the Trump administration withdrew in 2018. The mullah regime seems unblushingly intent on achieving nuclear weapons capability.

In reflecting on these threats, I am struck by how much longer the leaders of each of these revisionist polities have been in power, how secure their hold on it has been, how short the tenure has been and how weak the hold of elected leaders here in the United States and among our allies.

The downside risk is that revisionist leaders, or Western mistakes, may plunge much of the world into destructive war.

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