The Left Should Be Happy With Biden

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from Daily Signal,

The left should be ecstatic that President Joe Biden has given them everything they wanted.

The left likes inflation. It reduces the value of old money by printing lots of new money. Those richer who have it, lose the value of their money; those poorer who don’t have any money, suddenly do.

For decades, the left has amplified former Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s 2008 dream that the government must spike fuel costs up to European levels. That was seen as the best way to force unsophisticated Americans to quit burning gas and transition to renewable energy. Biden took that sermon seriously.

The hard American left always wanted unlimited illegal immigration. Biden agreed and has been lax on security at the southern border.

The left rails about imperialism, neo-colonialism, and military expenditure. Biden, without warning, simply yanked all U.S. troops from Afghanistan. He abandoned a $1 billion new embassy, a $300 million refitted U.S. air base, and $80 billion worth of sophisticated arms and equipment.Biden did more than any other prior Democrat to ensure the United States was humbled abroad.

The left fetishizes race. It enshrined the idea of “good” racial discrimination: To stop racial bias, one must be racially biased. Biden was the first president to promise in advance that his vice presidential running mate had to be both black and female. For his Cabinet picks, Biden ignored most criteria of prior experience or specific expertise, but instead ensured that his administration was “diverse.” No prior Democratic president has been so beholden to identity politics.

The left for years has railed about the criminal justice system. It believes punishment does not really deter crime, which is instead a result of racism and a toxic capitalist system. Biden agrees.

No prior president has managed to weaponize the Pentagon, the FBI, or the CIA in ways that have transitioned them from traditional institutions to woke avatars of social revolution.

No prior Democratic president has so attacked conservatives, a strict-constructionist Supreme Court, and the Republican Party.

So why is the left so eager to oust Biden or at least ensure that he does not dare seek reelection in 2024?

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