How the media turns nothing into something

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from The Gray Area:

There was a good lesson this weekend of how the media can turn a nothing story into something horrible.

This is what happened: Stephen Colbert of The Late Show, sent his crew to DC to interview Republican & Democrat Congresspeople about the Jan. 6th hearings using his puppet dog, Understandably sensitive Capitol police detained them until they were sure it was, what it was. Puppetry in the first degree!

This is how Tucker Carlson humorously spun the same story: Lawmakers helped these ‘insurrectionists’ from Stephen Colbert’s show. Watch the video and/or read the script. It is chilling, and similar in tone and content to the media descriptions of the Capitol rioters and trespassers on Jan 6th.

Understand now? Tucker made something out of nothing. He did not tell a lie, he just spun the facts to make it appear that something sinister had occurred.

Welcome to the Jan 6th ‘insurrection’ narrative, as spun by the House commission hearings and the legacy media.

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