Everybody knows

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from The Gray Area:

Democrats are putting the January 6th National Commission hearings on PrimeTime TV Thursday night. Wow, their must be something really important about January 6th riot ifor that to happen.  Not!

Everybody knows this is just another political play by the Democrats & the media to impact the 2022 mid terms elections.  Granted, there are Progressives and legacy media people who will believe whatever this commissions says, just like they believed the Russia Special Counsel Prosecutor Robert Mueller. There will be some independents who may be persuaded to believe the smoke & mirrors display. But, Republicans wont believe it and most of the rest of the country won’t believe it either.

Everybody knows this is an attempt to convict former President Trump so that he cannot run again.  The left and the media fear no one like they fear Donald Trump.  There must be a reason, and, despite what they say, it is not a coup.  It is massive public support.  That is why the media don’t cover his rallies and social media has banned him.  Can’t let that positive message get any larger than it already is.  ‘Censorship’, and now ‘Censure’.  What most people don’t know is that by extension, this is an effort to eliminate the Electoral College and nationalize elections.

Everybody knows this will be a political ‘show’. Democrats have hired former ABC News president James Goldston to produce the hearings. Why do Congressional hearings need a professional TV producer? In order to put on a show, of course. Knowing they need to spin a story with minimum actual facts, it must be slick. They did the same thing with Gov. Cuomo’s NYC press conferences during COVID in 2020. The context and results of what the Governor presented were false, not impactful to fight the pandemic affects on his city and some were considered illegal. Yet, the Governor and his show, got rave reviews and won him an Emmy for his acting. Similar results are hoped for with these public hearings. No truth, wild accusations, with professional theatrics.

Everybody knows this is not ‘bi-partisan’, but a strictly partisan effort. The media have been making these hearings out to be ‘bi-partisan’. They are ramping up that description ahead of the Thursday night debut. Sure, they have 2 Republican Congresspeople on the committee. Two personally selected by Speaker Pelosi, not the Republican leadership. Pelosi specifically denied the Republican leadership selections and picked a token 2 Trump hating, so called Republicans.

This was to insure she could make the commission ‘look bi-partisan,’ yet also insure that the commission got no difficult questions in the hearings or pushback from the media and the public.  If you want to know how good a Republican these two are, neither will win their next election.

Everybody knows the Capitol riot was not an ‘insurrection’. Political narratives bear little resemblance to reality. Political narratives are purposely established to reflect politically beneficial spin on a real current event that will favor an approved media narrative, a political party, or a desired political result. The January 6th Capitol riot is a perfect example of a political narrative.

False themes abound with regard to the Capitol riot, in an attempt to support the political narratives and make it seem like an insurrection.

  • First, we were ‘dangerously close to losing out democracy’.
  • Second, that this was a ‘Trump coup attempt’.
  • Third, this was an armed riot while the George Floyd summer of love and the 2017 inauguration rally were just protests and in no way compare to the Capitol riots of 2021.
  • Fourth, false media themes were republished by the Washington Post titled, “Red Flags” & “Bloodshed”. Both bear no resemblance to the truth. Neither makes a realistic comparison to the other two riots mentioned above.
  • Fifth, omission of several key facts which do not support the political narrative about the riot.  Why were Capitol doors supposedly being held open? What happened to the DC & Capitol police? Concerns about the safety of the Capitol during the protest came up a week before, yet apparently Pelosi said don’t worry about it, why?  Were there false flag leaders involved in the breach? Why were trespassers held in jail for over a year as third world political prisoners? And, more…

Don’t get me wrong, the Capitol riot was a serious and heartbreaking event. It should never have  happened. Left wing Democrats are known for violent protests and riots on a regular basis (see George Floyd riots, 2017 Trump inaugural riots, Bernie Sanders supporter’s murderous attack on Republicans 2017, see Portland, Seattle and any other Democrat run city, and on, and on, and on..), but, not Republicans. The Republican moral high ground on this subject has now been lost to the radical, anti-American mobs we are used to seeing do these things. This, apparently perpetrated by Republicans, is shocking and heartbreaking. Saying the cou0ntry is at risk is no excuse for responsible people to act this way in America!

But, make no mistake about it, our country is at serious risk.  Evidence this political trial, loss of freedom of speech, attempts to remove the 2nd amendment, one party media, crime and protest allowed to run rampant, same allowed to assault citizens on streets and in restaurants, etc.   Who are the real insurrectionists?