‘Women’s Rights’ Movement Exposes Hypocrisy on the Left

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from Right & Free,

For the past few years, Democrats have worked tirelessly erasing gender in all its forms.

They tell us women who have babies aren’t mothers; they are “birthing people.” They insist men can get pregnant while giving parents of newborns the option of not designating the sex of their baby on his/her birth certificate, despite their infant’s obvious male or female genitalia and other biological gender traits before their eyes — and the eyes of their doctor.

The left has championed transgender men competing in women’s sports, putting biological women at a significant disadvantage, while the Biden administration’s latest addition to the U.S. Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, refused to answer a simple question during her recent confirmation hearings when asked to define what a woman is.

The newly confirmed left-wing justice said she couldn’t do that because she isn’t a biologist.

Nonetheless, it’s remarkable how quickly the Democratic Party has reversed course and gone back to defending women and women’s rights after systemically attempting to abolish gender from our collective conscience.

Talk about hypocrisy and glaring double standards.

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