Just over half favor banning abortions after 15 weeks

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from FoxNews,

While more than six in 10 registered voters continue to believe the U.S. Supreme Court should uphold Roe v. Wade, the latest Fox News poll also finds over half favor banning abortions after 15 weeks.

The new national poll was completed shortly before Monday night’s leak of Associate Justice Samuel Alito’s draft majority opinion showing the high court may be poised to strike down the landmark Roe ruling.

At issue for the Supreme Court is a Mississippi law that would ban abortions, except in certain cases, after 15 weeks of pregnancy and return the question of abortion and its legality back to the states. When asked how they would feel if such a law were passed in their state, just over half of voters favor it (54 percent) while 41 percent are opposed.

Voters were also asked how they felt about a similar ban (with medical exceptions) on abortion after only six weeks, which is the new standard in Texas. Voters split on this policy: 50% favor vs. 46% oppose.

While there are partisan differences, Democrats (by 61 points), independents (+41), and Republicans (+13) agree Roe should stand.

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