Congress Must Carefully Review Any Ukraine Spending Package

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from Daily Caller,

President Joe Biden has requested a $33 billion supplemental spending package to provide additional aid to Ukraine.

These funds would follow the $13.6 billion appropriated in March as well as the $6.4 billion in security assistance provided since 2014.

This proposed level of funding is significant. For context, $33 billion is about the same amount as the annual discretionary funding provided to the Department of Justice and is even greater than the funding for the Environmental Protection Agency plus the Department of Labor plus the Department of Commerce. Compared to the $46.6 billion in Ukraine-related funding provided and requested this year, the entire fiscal year 2022 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill was $56.1 billion.

While the human impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is moving, and further U.S. support for Ukraine to defend itself is warranted, it is vital that Congress carefully evaluate Biden’s request and ensure that any legislation is responsibly crafted. Members should insist on these points in particular:

Any New Spending Must Be Offset

Ukraine Aid Must Not Be Tied to COVID-19 or Other Spending

US Taxpayers Should Not Support Ukraine’s Budget Deficit on Top of Biden’s

Ex-Im Subsidies Must Be Rejected

Prudence and Responsibility Must Prevail

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