Michelle Obama’s brother says his kids were disenrolled from their school as ‘retaliation’ for parents bringing up concerns of bias

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from CNN,

Craig and Kelly Robinson said they were shocked to receive a letter informing them their children would not be allowed back as students at the prestigious University School of Milwaukee (USM).

“We cannot continue a relationship with your family,” is what part of the enrollment termination letter read, sent at the end of last school year.

The students, at the time 11 and 9, were effectively removed.

“We feel like they were retaliated against because we brought up some issues that were sensitive to the administration,” Craig Robinson told CNN. Robinson is former first lady Michelle Obama’s brother.

He said it started with giving the school feedback on teaching practices he and his wife believed were troubling, especially during the virtual learning period last year.

“The first thing we noticed was a repeated use of racial and ethnic stereotypes in actual classroom assignments,” Robinson said.
While he and his wife, Kelly Robinson, did not provide specifics, they stressed to CNN it was more about how the school treated their concerns.

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