About Those 300 Stolen Ballots . . .

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from The Wall Street Journal,

This guy wasn’t aiming at election fraud, But it’s hardly comforting that stealing 300 ballots was apparently so easy—or that it could have gone undetected.

Democrats will say it’s only an anecdote, but the anecdotes add up. A 2020 state Senate election in Pennsylvania turned on 300 mail ballots that voters forgot to date. A House primary in Florida last year was decided by five votes, with 1,400 mail ballots thrown out. Those weren’t instances of fraud, and the modest figures don’t help President Trump’s claims of massive, undetected election theft.

But widespread mail voting and ballot harvesting put enormous slack in the election system, creating room for events that undermine public trust. Keep that in mind when Democrats insist that to save democracy they need to pass H.R.1, which would overrule state laws (even postmark requirements) on mail voting.

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