Rooftop Revelations: What has Black Lives Matter done for our community?

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from FoxNews,

Pastor Corey Brooks asked a question many are too afraid to ask: “What has Black Lives Matter done for our community?”

On the 44th day of his 100-day rooftop vigil, the pastor was visited by Dumisani Washington, CEO of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel, and Darwin Jiles Jr., former ethnic vice chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.

The men discussed Black Lives Matter and the organization’s impact on the Black community in America, especially in areas of high crime like the South Side of Chicago.

“I’ve been questioned about my not-for-profit doing what we do right here on O-Block in Chicago,” the pastor said. “The one question that stands out in my mind that I woke up thinking about is: What has Black Lives Matter done for our community?”

Washington jumped in to answer the pastor’s question.

“You can use the issue of bringing some awareness to some of these very high-profile situations, like in Ferguson, that type of thing, but as a whole, my answer to that question is not very much,” he said. “Not only that, there has been some detriment where the Black community is concerned.”

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