Far-Left Jan 6 Commission Demands Bank Records of Trump Staff in Bizarre Intimidation Attempt.

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from National Pulse,

Taylor Budowich – Director of Communications for Save America and President Donald J. Trump – released a statement after the unconstitutional January 6th Committee sent a subpoena to JP Morgan Chase for his banking records.

“Democracy is under attack. However, not by the people who illegally entered the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, but instead by a committee whose members walk freely in its halls every day. After complying completely with the Committee, including sitting for a four-hour deposition on December 22nd, I returned home on December 23rd only to find a notice from my banking institution, JP Morgan Chase, that they’d be handing over my banking records to the committee if I did not provide a court-ordered stoppage by December 24th. To add to the absurdity, neither the committee nor JP Morgan Chase will provide me with a copy of the actual contents of the subpoena.

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