Gulf of Eden southern border of war torn Yemen which Biden delisted Iranian backed Houthi rebels as terror group

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from Daily Wire,

[The United States] conducted the weapons demonstration … in the Gulf of Eden.

“The Gulf of Aden sits along the southern coast of war-torn Yemen, which has been at war since Iranian-backed Houthi rebels seized its capital, Sanaa, in 2014,” the Associated Press reported. “A Saudi-led coalition entered the conflict in March 2015 but the stalemate conflict has dragged on for years, becoming the world’s worst humanitarian disaster and killing an estimated 110,000 people.”

The Houthis, an Islamic terrorist organization that Democrat President Joe Biden delisted as an official Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), have deployed boat drones in the area that they use to destroy ships. The report said that Iran is suspected of helping building the boats.

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