Woke CEOs Will Wallow in Regret After Hateful BLM Issues Demand That Could Wreck Their Companies

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from Western Journal,

No matter how much money huge corporations give to Black Lives Matter, the organization still thinks that “capitalism doesn’t love black people.”

Despite the fact that the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has no shortage of well-heeled companies on its donor list, the group has announced another “Black Xmas,” urging supporters to shop with black-owned businesses this holiday season.

This is a curious stance, given the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation has received direct donations from major corporations, with further donations going to the movement itself.

According to Fox Business, tech giants Airbnb, Amazon, Intel and Microsoft have all donated to the organization directly.

Snacks company Mondelēz International and gaming software houses Bungie, Square Enix and Ubisoft have, too.

According to a list from Cnet, mega-corporations including Home Depot, Target and Walmart also gave to related groups while Anastasia Beauty, Glossier, Lululemon and Spanx gave to Black Lives Matter itself.

However, most of these companies didn’t have CEOs of color. Of the 10 companies that gave directly to the organization listed by Cnet and Fox Business, only one — Square Enix, a Japanese software developer — has a non-white CEO.

When perfidious Amazon was cutting them a check, they didn’t bother refusing it because “capitalism doesn’t love black people.” They took it, cashed it and used it.

But don’t buy there, they tell their supporters! Wreck those companies’ holiday profits!

Who would have ever thought donating to an explicitly Marxist organization that fiddled as America burned would end badly?

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