What’s in the Roughly $2 Trillion Build Back Better Bill

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from The Wall Street Journal,

The House has approved a social spending and climate bill that will cost roughly $2 trillion, down from $3.5 trillion after months of intraparty negotiations.

The “Build Back Better” measure was passed on Nov. 19 on a 220-213 vote, with all Republicans opposed.

The package retains most of its original major elements, including funding for clean energy, universal prekindergarten, subsidized child care, and billions more for healthcare, affordable housing and elder care. Many of these programs are set to expire within several years, a deliberate effort to lower the package’s top-line price. Making the programs temporary as opposed to permanent also represents a bet by Democrats that future voters will vote for candidates who promise to renew them.

The package would be financed by changes to the corporate tax code, including a new corporate minimum tax, while raising taxes on high-income individuals.

Here is what made it into the legislation:

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