Covid-19 Delta wave is past its peak

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from The Wall Street Journal,

More people died from Covid-19 in the first 5½ months of 2021 than in all of 2020, according to official counts. Global Covid-19 Death Toll Tops Five Million. U.S. has highest number of total confirmed deaths, followed by Brazil, India and Mexico, according to Johns Hopkins data

the Delta wave is past its peak, with new cases, hospitalizations and deaths declining in most states. The U.S. reported a seven-day average of 1,332 new Covid-19 deaths on Sunday, Johns Hopkins data show. But the approaching holidays and winter months will test whether the U.S. can sustain that momentum, public-health officials and epidemiologists say, as Covid-19 case numbers remain close to levels recorded this time last year. On Sunday, the country recorded an average of 72,412 confirmed cases, down from more than 109,000 on Oct. 1, according to Johns Hopkins data.

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