How Biden’s Climate Agenda Will Financially RUIN You

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from Glenn Beck,

On “Glenn TV” Wednesday, Glenn Beck reveals President Joe Biden’s radical climate agenda. Nothing else rivals this agenda within the Biden administration. THIS is their top priority, and the scope and cost are STAGGERING. This is the fundamental transformation of America. It’s the Great Reset.

Commonsense environmentalist and former progressive Michael Shellenberger tells Glenn: “The Democrats’ agenda appears to be to widespread blackouts and electricity price shocks across the entire economy.” So much about climate change, “net zero,” green energy, and ESG is a total scam. Biden signed an executive order calling for HALF of new car sales to be electric by 2030. But they never read you the fine print. And yet, Democrats are dragging America toward electric cars that they think will run on solar and wind power, which both have major issues of their own.

Justin Haskins, Heartland Institute research fellow and co-author of Glenn’s new book, “The Great Reset,” explains why Biden isn’t just content to shove his damaging agenda down taxpayers’ throats. Wall Street and the big banks must transform too because “climate change is a systemic risk to the financial system.” This is not “Build Back Better.” This is the fast track to disaster and a complete re-engineering of society.

Watch the full episode of “Glenn TV” below:

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